Sunday, October 28, 2007

I heart the Madison Public Library

A Bumper Sticker I Wish I Had
Wish I had one of these window stickers. I'm a taxpayer, and I heart libraries, too. I'd love to see more resources devoted to the Madison Public Library. (Speaking of downtown development, what ever happened to the idea of expanding and modernizing the main library building downtown?) Anybody know where to get one of these decals?

10/29 Update: Wow. The miracle of the Internet -- ask, and your wish is granted. They're FREE. Check out Lisa's link in the comments.


nichole said...

I'm on the case. :) In the meantime, if you're so inclined, you can sign up to be an advocate for WI libraries here:

Lisa Strand said...

Hey, Madison Guy, thanks for the love. The Wisconsin Library Association will send these bumper stickers to you for free! You can also learn more (and get more free library-related stuff) at

Madison Guy said...

Thanks for the link Nichole. I'll look into it.

Lisa, that's so cool. My car will wear it proudly.