Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Still from an unreleased and unfinished movie: "Attack of the Giant Mutant Killer Sorghum"

Unmade Movie Still: "Attack of the The Mutant Killer Sorghum"
In honor of Halloween, here's another in our series of stills from movies that were never released, or even finished -- in this case, a low budget horror flic shot here in Madison at the Allen Centennial Gardens on the University of Wisconsin campus with funds that were of dubious provenance until they ran out altogether and shooting stopped.

The film was supposed to be about giant mutant sorghum turned carnivorous as a result of a mad scientist inserting animal genes in an experiment that was deranged to begin with and which went totally out of control when his beautiful young lab assistant used a beaker of experimental liquid DNA to water the garden.

The script for this unfinished wannabe cult classic begins with the sun going down and night approaching. People quake inside their houses as the mutant killer sorghum begins to advance, its razor-sharp leaf blades twitching hungrily in the cool evening air. Horror ensues...

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