Monday, November 12, 2007

Abstract art on the Wingra Creek Bike Path

Wingra Creek Bike Path Abstraction
Anyone know what the white tape is that is stuck to the asphalt patches? It looks like toilet paper, but I imagine it's not. Seems more functional than that. Does it help cure the asphalt? Or is it mainly there to protect shoes and bike tires from picking up asphalt before it sets? Whatever it does, it also functions as an accidental work of abstract art -- an unconscious homage to Jean Dubuffet, perhaps.


RobbyB said...

It's toilet paper.

It covers the sealant so that it won't pull away while it's still tacky, but will compose after a short while.

sssssssssstu said...

Looks like a guy with a hat fighting off a pack of wolves. He's just drop kicked the first and is about to chase it by throwing the second.