Friday, November 16, 2007

The Constitution says George Bush must step down in 2009, but it doesn't say anything about Cheney

Why Don't I Find This More Reassuring?
That's the real reason I don't find this bumper sticker as reassuring as I should. It's not only that the deadline still leaves 14 months and 4 days for Bush to screw up, the consequences of which we'll have to live with a lot longer than that -- such as bombing Iran, for example.

It's mainly that the sign only refers to Bush, not Bush and Cheney. That's because the Constitution says nothing about a vice presidential term limit. Here's the relevant part of the 22nd Amendment:
Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term [a term is four years] to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.
Nothing there about any restriction on the term of the vice president, nor anywhere else in the Constitution. Vice presidents can serve as long as they want (if their party will have them). Of course, prior to Cheney, the office was considered so undesirable, nobody would have wanted to serve more than two terms. So it would have seemed silly to even talk about prohibiting it.

Now it's a whole new ballgame, and Cheney seems to be writing the rulebook as he goes along. He apparently was the first person to ever really appreciate how remarkably well-suited the vice presidential bunker is to exercising power without leaving too many fingerprints at all (especially if the courts are mostly friendly toward your administration).

Cheney seems to enjoy the power. Why should he give it up? All he has to do is find another front man. Giuliani could strut while Cheney ruled, and both men's temperaments would find their perfect expression. Ditto McCain. Ditto Romney.

All along, it has seemed strange that in the midst of an unpopular war the Republican candidates have done so little to distance themselves from the administration. Maybe they know something we don't. It's not hard to imagine a scenario in which Cheney is "drafted" to remain in place.

For example, imagine that Iran provokes us unforgivably (or is portrayed as doing so in the all too complaisant media) just before the Republican convention. A "reluctant" President Bush is forced to fight back. The Republican nominee appoints Cheney as the vice presidential candidate in a patriotic show of national unity and purpose -- and they hit the campaign trail lashing out at Democrats who want to surrender to the aggressor. With the help of more than a little Election Helper on election night, the two Republicans sweep to an easy election and reelection, respectively.

Yes, George Bush will leave office on a winter day in January, 2009. But it could be a cold day in hell before Cheney ever leaves.


Anonymous said...

You write: "Yes, George Bush will leave office on a winter day in January, 2009. But it could be a cold day in hell before Cheney ever leaves." But, I can forsee a much more chilling scenario, namely, in accordance with the existing directives in place, NSPD 51 and HSPD 20, the Cheney/Bush regime can use a real or imagined "catastrophic emergency" to suspend the constitution and cancel the elections, declaring Bush/Cheney as President/Vice-President for life. For more on the directives, see pp. 8-9 of The Progressive, Sept. 2007. Cheney/Bush has turned the country into a fascist dictatorship in all but name so why not accept the name too. Maybe John Negreponte is in Pakistan today to get pointers from Musharif rather than the published reason of getting him to end martial law.

JohnnyDisaster said...

George Bush Sr. was a pioneer in this area, using the office of the VP as a back channel, party-loyal intelligence agency/dirty tricks outfit in the Reagan administration. I think Cheney has just built on that legacy.

JC said...

Anonymous above states something I've been worried about for quite some time. I've also been wondering if I can place bets in Vegas about just such things happening. I'm afraid that I could make a mint off of it.

For the truly paranoid and conspiracy minded, I can believe that the "real or imagined catastrophic emergency" Anonymous mentioned is one engineered by Bush/Cheney precisely so that they can use it to stay in power.

Man, just thinking about the possiblities makes my head hurt.

LanceThruster said...

NPSD 51 could be right around the corner.

Dirty Bombs, Gut Feelings and False-Flags -

Anonymous said...

At the Democratic county meeting Thursday evening a guy got up and started railing about the lack of gun control talk from the Dem prez candidates. I told everyone that they'd be damn sorry about gun control when Blackwater is patrolling their streets. It WILL happen as will a way be found for the Neocons to continue to rule. I wonder if they would be so blatant as to run Cheney as VP again. There is no God, otherwise that bastard would've keeled over by now.

Anonymous said...

my local air america affiliate (before it went dark and turned into a sports station) would play this song as a bumper.

it's indie or alternative rock band and had lyrics that went:

i just can't wait, can't wait when you're gone and it's sunny again.

anybody know the band? love it's sense of haunting expectation.

Anonymous said...

This could help you find that song:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
This could help you find that song:

omg, that's it! i've been googling like crazy trying to hunt it down. thank you so much!


p.s. are you roymond?

roymond said...

I'm roymond, and I'm tickled to find this post so late. Here are other songs dedicated to 43, for your amusement: