Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Do you know where your car is? Madison's annual memory tax starts November 15.

For most Madison residents, winter parking, alternate side parking rules start Thursday, November 15 and run through March 15. Get the details here: Park on odd-numbered sides of the street on odd-numbered days (between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.), except in the congested downtown where the rules only apply in a declared snow emergency. Certainly makes sense during a snowstorm, when overworked crews are trying to plow the streets, but we don't have that many snowstorms.

The rest of the time, the policy serves as a memory tax, with the forgetful being aggressively ticketed by enforcers who seem to prowl the streets at night looking for every possible municipal revenue enhancement. For me this functions as a handy check on the state of my mental acuity and memory. Most years I get one or two tickets. If I see a major spike over that baseline, I'll know I'm in trouble. Last year I had none. My memory must be getting sharper.


Nonanon said...

Oh, God, thanks for the reminder...I almost forgot!! Every year I get one "memory tax" ticket...maybe this is the year I get none! Your story is very inspiring that way. :)

thechrisproject said...

I live in the snow emergency zone BUT I live on Jenifer street in the 700-1200 block region. The website says,

"NOTE: Daytime alternate side parking restrictions are in effect in the 700-1200 blocks of Jenifer Street even if there is no Snow Emergency. Those restrictions are posted on signs along the affected blocks. This section of Jenifer Street is exempt from other Snow Emergency regulations due to the daytime restrictions."

So there IS alternate side parking where I live, despite being in the emergency zone, but we're exempt from other Snow Emergency regulations... what are the other restrictions that we're exempt from?

I would like to say that for all Isthmusers that live in the exempt zone, it's handy to get on the mailing list that tells you when there is an officially declared snow emergency so you know alternate side parking is in effect.