Tuesday, November 06, 2007

High rise pied-à-terres for rich Badger fans?

Metropolitan Place Phase II
It seems to be a trend. Or at least that's what the Wall Street Journal article posted in the Newsroom of the Metropolitan Place Phase II website seems to suggest. The story is available for download under the title "Alumni Buy Condos for Game Day Near Campuses" and is prefaced by this enthusiastic sales copy:
This is a trend popping up in markets around the nation, and it rings true for residents of Metropolitan Place – Phase II condominiums! We are located within a four block walk to the Kohl Center – home to the University of Wisconsin Badger men’s and women’s basketball teams, the 2006 National Badger men’s and women’s hockey teams, the Badger band spring concert and numerous other concerts and events. We are also a short 10 minute walk to Camp Randall Stadium for Big 10 Badger football – so why pay for parking and wait in lines to get to the game when you can take a short walk on a glorious Badger game day? Don’t spend big bucks on hotel rooms and food when you can live within minutes of the stadium, and stay for a weekend of partying with other college alumni. Contact Metropolitan Place — Phase II today!
Unlike Phase I, its apartment building cousin on West Washington Avenue, Phase II cuts off the sunlight and throws the better part of a city block into shade. Good to know it's for a good cause. Go Badgers!

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