Sunday, November 18, 2007

New traffic calming islands on Edgewood Avenue: Expect the fun to begin when the first snow falls

New Traffic Calming Islands on Allen Street: The Fun Starts When the First Snow Falls
I passed this fairly new traffic calming island on Edgewood Avenue yesterday, where I was driving by force of habit with my reptile brain and had to swerve at the last minute to avoid hitting it. I know, I know -- the idea is that these little mini roundabouts will slow down speeders in residential neighborhoods by forcing Madison drivers to cut their speed in order to navigate around them. All very well, when you can see them. All I can think of is, what happens with the first good snow cover, when drivers can't see them? I see a lot of broken axles in the future of Edgewood Avenue.

12.13.07 UPDATE: Yes, they really are invisible in the snow. Also, what about the snowplows?


Nonanon said...

I understand the reasoning for these things but I still hate them. I always feel bad for the neighbors on the streets around them too--they also make it impossible to park on the street in front of some houses, which is obnoxious. Not to mention the way they (don't) plow in Madison--you know they won't get around to clearing the snow off this until a week after it's snowed, if then. Sigh. Thanks, ridiculous speeders, for saddling us with these things.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's going to be hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well they're brought to you by the same brilliant designers that thought swerving lanes on the newly re-designed and paved E. Washington Ave. are a great way to accomodate the needs for left turn lanes. Sure, that's true - until it snows or it's dark and the pavement is wet. I have almost been sideswiped many times by drivers because you ASSUME a lane continues to run straight so you don't anticipate that you have to drive like a drunk person.

Brilliant, just brilliant. But then roundabouts fall into that "brilliant" category as well.

...looks great on paper but reality is a bit different.