Friday, November 30, 2007

Sigh. Back to reality.

Sigh. Back to Reality.
Every bar in Madison with satellite television was packed, and some had to turn people away. At the Blue Moon I was told at the door, "Sorry, we're at capacity." That was probably true at the Laurel Tavern, too, but I managed to squeeze in. We were there to find out how long a 38-year-old quarterback, holder of almost every record in the book, could hold back time. The answer proved to be 11 games, not 12, as the Packers lost their game plan, their composure, their iconic quarterback and the game, by a margin of 37-27. Now the road to the NFC championship, if there is one, will lead through Texas Stadium, not the Frozen Tundra in January. Sigh.


Dr Diablo said...

Don't start working your way through the stages of grief in advance of the death, MadGuy. While Dallas has the edge in the quest for home field advantage, don't book a travel package just yet; for all you know, they'll lose their next four.

I didn't try to squueze into a bar to watch the action, because I feared just such an outcome. Without several key defensive starters, the Pack was vulnerable. At full strength, we just might prevail at Texas Stadium--if we have to go there.

Madison Guy said...

Welcome back, Dr. Diablo, and thanks for your optimism. Similar thoughts have crossed my mind, but I was still in shock when I wrote this.