Thursday, December 20, 2007

Big Brother held a press conference this morning, and I ran screaming from the house

"Nothing But Blue Skies" -- Big Brother Explains the Forever War
I was getting ready for work and wasn't really watching, but I heard him say something like "citizens need to be able to take their crops to market." Amid visions of Bush's crumbling economy turning us all into a nation of poorly paid agricultural workers eking out a miserable existence from the globally warming earth, I fled. But apparently he did not, in fact announce a new program to put us to work on the farm and get those crops to market. Instead, he dodged a lot of questions about the destruction of the CIA tapes. Other bits of assorted wisdom:
“And so, it’s like I said about the presidency,” Mr. Bush went on. “People in America, you know, like the presidency, and sometimes they like the president. Get it?”


And he again defended the Iraqi government from critics who say that it has failed to seize the opportunity provided by improved security conditions to achieve the reconciliation goals laid out long ago.

“Are we satisfied with progress in Baghdad? No. But to say nothing’s happening just isn’t the case,” he said. “If you trying to judge the Iraqi Parliament based upon our own Congress’s ability to get things done — is that what you’re saying? — I’d be a little careful.”

Asked about foreign investments in the United States that have soared with the fall of the dollar, like the announced sale by Morgan Stanley of a $5 billion stake to a Chinese investment fund, the president said he had no reservations whatsoever.

“I’m fine with capital coming in from overseas to help bolster financial institutions,” he said. “Protectionism would be a huge mistake for this country.”
Right. Wouldn't want to restrict his Saudi friends' ability to invest in America, would we?

(Note: I've been trying to ignore Bush as much as possible. I put together the image the last time he drove me slightly nuts -- when he announced the surge. Click on the photo to go to my Flickr stream and see my commentary at the time.)

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