Sunday, December 02, 2007

The good news is that this morning they plowed the side streets in Madison.

The Good News Is They Plowed the Side Streets
The bad news is that this morning they plowed the side streets in Madison. Now the real work begins -- digging out the car. Big chunks of wet, compressed snow piled high around the car where the snow plow went by. Hey, it's good exercise, if you don't throw out your back. Also an exercise in applied geometry -- what's the path of least resistance you can carve out with the least effort? After that, the delicate part of the procedure -- pulling out smoothly and gently, without slipping sideways and digging your wheels into the deep snow that accumulated in the gutter, reacquainting yourself with reflexes that have been unused for eight months or so.

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sssssssssstu said...

Ya. I pitied a poor student trying to extradite a similarly imprisoned mini van in front of my house this morning. He had no gloves and was trying to chip away at the hardened walls with his car's snow scraper. This isn't going to end well, is it? First i found a square metal shovel; next i found a bag of sand. The latter was probably the more useful of the two given the ice rink we call Jefferson St. Good reminder to me to throw those tools in my own trunk!

While we were digging away, an elderly neighbor of ours crept by taking baby steps down the sidewalk and i wondered if i shouldn't instead be going to her aid. A few minutes later she came back by us with the assistance of another of our neighborhood students, now carrying a box of krispy kremes. Risking life and limb to bring home the donuts for her sisters' breakfast - a worthy sacrifice.

Anyway, took a few tries, but we eventually broke the van free.

I was left appreciating how a little hardship can bring a community together and feeling that our lives are probably far to easy than is good for us :).

Btw, i heart your blog.