Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In Madison we were lucky that our precipitation mostly came as snow

The Good News
The bad news was that I had to shovel out the car once again. The good news in Madison yesterdayy was that it was cold enough so that, other than a bit of icy sleet in the morning, almost all our precipitation fell as snow -- another five inches or so. To our south, people weren't as lucky, as massive ice storms tied up the central part of the country, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of homes, especially in Oklahoma.

Americans have always relied on their state National Guard units to help out in natural disasters like the ice storms sweeping across the Midwest, and I wondered what the Oklahoma National Guard was doing to help out with transportation, food, shelter and emergency electric power. I came across this short news item.
Members of the Oklahoma National Guard are heading to Oklahoma City to help with recovery efforts. Two members of the 1245th Transportation Company based in Madill are being called on to offer assistance.

Two members of the 1245th joined members of the 1120th Maintenance Unit in Ada. The group is expected to transport back-up electrical generators to Oklahoma City. The mission may seem different from those units that have orders to deploy to Afghanistan or Iraq, but staffers say they are trained to serve wherever called, home or abroad.

"We get called in to do things, you know, any kind of disaster, help, or anything that involves states," Sgt. Jason Herndon of the 1245th says. The group is expected to be in Oklahoma City for at least one day.

The majority of the 1245th is currently at Fort Bliss, preparing for deployment to Iraq.
Two members, when half a million people are without power? No comment.

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