Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mad City's Mad Capitol

Mad City's Mad Capitol
This may seem to resemble the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, but it's actually a "faerie capitol." For the second year in a row, faerie cottages by Tatiana Katara are on display at the Olbrich Holiday Express Holiday Flower and Model Train Show at Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison. Find out more about Tatiana and her work here.

In general, Tatiana's faerie cottages are a bit on the fey side for me, but this strangely over the top take on the State Capitol is a keeper. (If you click through to the large size of the photo on my Flickr stream, you can read the very appropriate message on the book in front of the capitol.)


Tom Bozzo said...

The faerie Monona Terrace wasn't bad, either. At least it helped save the day for my daughter, who was quickly bored by the trains -- they should shake things up a bit with the layout, IMHO. I was a little sad that last year's faerie P-38 didn't make another appearance.

Dr Bud "All Aboard" Diablo said...

I don't know if the failure of imagination is on my end or Katara's end, but I never pictured the fairy folk modeling their Capitol after the Greek Revival style of Washington DC. Does the layout include a Tomb of the Unknown Fairie?

Actually, as is implied by the deplorable epithet "fairy," too avid an interest in the architecture and artifacts of the Wee People is not really a guy thing. My idea for an arts-and-crafts project is to construct a full-size pontoon boat solely from Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.

Model trains are also an OK guy enthusiasm. I bought one of those tiny N-gauge trains a few years ago that will run on a coffee table. However, it never made more than a few circuits before derailing, sometimes flipping spectacularly onto the carpet far below. Maybe a hobbyist among your readers can tell us how to avoid such disasters.