Monday, December 31, 2007

Not everyone agrees with the Democratic leadership that impeachment is a dirty word

Vigil for Peace at the State Capitol
Since I work out of town, I don't see much of downtown Madison during the week -- except when I have a few days off, last Wednesday being one of them. That's when I saw these guys with their peace sign at the State Street corner of the square, demonstrating that not everyone agrees with the Democratic congressional leadership that impeachment is a dirty word (funny how the Republicans never had any such qualms when it came to Bill Clinton's lies about a private sexual matter, while the Bush administration's lies about matters of life and death have been given a pass). Like a lot of Americans, Steve Books of Veterans for Peace (left) and Jeff Granby of the Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice don't think that's right. And they're trying to do something about it, as part of the regular Wednesday peace vigil in front of the Capitol.

It encouraged me to see them. I've been thinking of this as the Year of Living Irrelevantly, ever since we held an election in which the public gave Democrats control of both houses of Congress because voters were so fed up with the war and the Bush administration. What did the Democrats do with their new majority? Nothing. And when the Democratic congressional leadership took impeachment off the table earlier this year, they lost the last possible chance to actually halt the outrages being committed by this administration. Impeachment might not have succeeded. But voting articles of impeachment would have slowed the bastards down, put them on the defensive and given Congress more power to investigate how the Iraq disaster came to be. Didn't happen. Instead, we've had a year of getting ready for the 2008 election, with the democratic candidates still afraid to take on Bush directly and competing with each other to see who can come up with the most bland platitudes. If ever there's been a Year of Living Irrelevantly, 2007 was it.

Here's hoping that 2008 will be better. If it is, it will be because millions of Americans insist. I signed the peace sign and promised myself I would do more in the new year to live more relevantly and push for peace. Even if a Democrat is elected, they'll still need lots of pressure to make sure we actually pull out of Iraq and hold these criminals responsible.

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