Saturday, December 01, 2007

Note to city of Madison officials: This is just plain dumb (and downright irresponsible)

Note to Madison City Officials: This Is Really Dumb!
In the midst of Madison's snow emergency today, I was driving north on Edgewood Avenue on the near west side, slowly and carefully following the ruts in the snow. Suddenly there was a terrible, jarring ka-WHOMP!, followed by another an instant later.

Fortunately, I was going well under 20 miles per hour, or serious damage might have ensued. My car seems to be fine, but I still can't believe I ran right over the very unmarked traffic calming island I warned a couple weeks ago would become a hazard in the snow. And as you can see from the tracks in the snow, I wasn't alone.

This is so dumb, it's enough to make you wonder what's really going on here: Is this a test for drivers? Is the traffic calming island hidden beneath the snow meant to be an unpleasant surprise for those who fail the test? Or is some disgruntled planning person trying to punish all motorists, because if there were no motorists traffic planning would be so much simpler? Or is it some experiment in natural selection, whereby all the presumably bad drivers would disable their vehicles by crashing over these things, and then all that would be left on the streets would be the good drivers? Or is it some bureaucratic scheme so Kafkaesque in its scope that it's impossible to imagine?

More likely, it's an oversight, and it needs to be fixed. Really, I think the city could spare a few warning signs or orange traffic cones for these things.

12.13.07 UPDATE: What about the snowplows?


Anonymous said...

Or perhaps they could actually plow the streets.

Anonymous said...

This is from the same city that thinks it's a brilliant idea to put in speedbumps every 200ft or so along streets that are designated bike routes. There are some real geniuses in the Streets department here.

sssssssssstu said...

oh the irony...
Don't you just hate it when you're right?