Wednesday, December 19, 2007

'Tis the season for a temporary moratorium on discussions of gloomy weather and winter sadness

Festive Floral Wreath Embedded in Snowy White Softness
There's enough of that already. Instead, rejoice -- the Year of Living Irrelevantly is almost over. Soon enough we will be making decisions about the future of the nation and the world. For now, let's join Madison's Olbrich Botanical Gardens in celebrating the season with some festive and snowy white softness.

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Dr Diablo said...

I can never keep the difference between "moratorium" and "referendum" straight, but I vote an emphatic "No!" While we can't literally vote winter out of Wisconsin, we can sure let Old Man Winter know what we think.

I really wish the greenhouse effect would accelerate. Call me egocentric, but I love the thought of spending a Madison Christmas with the Christmas tree out on my deck, sipping a margarita whilst listening to the monkeys and cockatoos jabber in the canopy overhead. I believe I'll live to see it. Sure, such a change would mean an average Navidad temperature of 130 or so in Mexico City, but it wouldn't happen overnight; those people would have plenty of time to move.

I hope you feature another moratorium soon. I'd like to suggest a moratorium on death.