Thursday, December 27, 2007

A whole herd of illuminated sheep pays its respects to the Baby Jesus

A Herd of Illuminated Sheep Pays Its Respects to the Baby Jesus
I'm concluding this year's holiday coverage with my annual attempt at an image of one of Madison's most amazing Christmas displays, the lighted Nativity scene on Tokay Boulevard between Midvale and Segoe. It's sort of a Malthusian population explosion of worshipful illuminated sheep.

They're hard to photograph: If you come in close for more detail, you lose the widescreen kitsch grandeur of the entire scene. If you photograph the assembly in total darkness it doesn't read right, but the lights don't get turned on till it's nearly dark, so you have to come at just the right moment. And then everything has to go right. As usual, it didn't -- I had left the lens on the macro setting from an earlier photo, so the focus is a bit softer than I would have wished. Next year...

(Click on photo to enlarge in Flickr.)


Nonanon said...

AWESOME!! I love the picture, beautiful colors, and the phrase "kitsch grandeur" is exactly right. Also, your photo gave me the chance to count the sheep, which I have always wanted to do (as there always seems to be someone tailgating me when I try to drive by and count). It's the lambs in the bushes that get me. Whoever lives in that house, I love them.

Keri aka kinnicchick said...

I love this photo. Terrific shot. Fellow Wisconsinite here (Hudson, though... several hours from Madison, though we love to visit when we get the chance).

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