Thursday, January 31, 2008

Did you hear the one about Madison's dailies merging into one big liberal superpaper?

Just ask ABC News senior national correspondent and blogger Jake Tapper. He'll even give you the name of the merged superentity.

In post titled "Obama in 2001: Rumsfeld in the Mainstream," Tapper writes about then-Illinois state senator Obama's praise in early 2001 for Bush's defense secretary nominee, Donald Rumsfield. (Illinoisians stick together?) It's an an interesting post about how much we don't know about Obama's earlier political life, but what really caught my eye was this quote, which Tapper uses to make the point that not everyone was so enthusiastic about Rumsfeld at the time, even though his appointment sailed through the Senate with no opposition.
But some liberal voices opposed him from the get-go.

"Rumsfeld is a throwback to Reagan- era approaches to defense policy and spending," editorialized The Capital Times & Wisconsin State Journal. "'Donald Rumsfeld is a dyed-in-the-wool hawk,' says John Isaacs, president of the Council for a Livable World. The record confirms that assessment. Rumsfeld's unquestioning support of the Star Wars national missile defense plan; his support for flawed weapon systems such as the B-1 bomber, the Trident nuclear missile and the MX missile; and his history of opposition to the SALT II nuclear arms treaty and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and other attempts to reduce the risk of nuclear war mark him as a primitive Cold Warrior.

Concluded the liberal newspaper, "Rumsfeld belongs in the history books, not in the Cabinet."
Either the Obama unity virus is catching and more contagious than I thought, or Tapper knows something we don't, merging the competing dailies together into one liberal superpaper, The Capital Times & Wisconsin State Journal. What happened, I suspect, is that Tapper was doing his research online and got lost in the maze of and couldn't find his way out without getting confused about what the print version of this entity was called. He probably thought the relationship between the two dailies was the same as over in Milwaukee, where the Journal and the Sentinel did merge long ago.

That's one awesome newspaper name, though -- The Capital Times & Wisconsin State Journal. Conjures up images of John Nichols trying his hand at big, splashy front page service journalism features for Ellen Foley. Now that would be something.

As for Obama, you can't help wondering what other youthful enthusiams he has up his sleeve.

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