Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hoping for a New Year as Peaceful as This
It's a stretch, but let's hope the new year is as peaceful as this view of Madison's Glenway Golf Course in the snow. Bringing the troops home would be a great start. No "October Surprise" involving Iran would be a bonus.


moonrat said...

you too!!

Wren said...

Glorious photo, heartfelt words. Happy New Year backatcha, Guy.

Virginia said...


This beautiful photograph has been featured in a post for The Yule Series over at Deaf Pagan Crossroads - you can find it here:


Beautiful picture, and heartfelt words. I agree with your sentiments.

Happy New Year!

~ Ocean
Deaf Pagan Crossroads

Nonanon said...

Happy new year--and thanks for a great year of interesting posts and fabulous pictures.

Dr Diablo said...

I guess you can be forgiven for not including your score. It's tough to follow through on a golf swing when you're knee deep in snow. Shot selection becomes a non-issue. I often have to play an entire winter round with a 2-iron and am lucky if I shoot below 500. Nothing can keep us linksters off the course, though, eh MadGuy?

In the photographic realm, your shot selection is much to be commended. This is a lovely picture. I'm not even a huge photography fan, but I like your pics a lot. They're striking and without pretension. You know how to let the object or scene speak for itself--whether it's a snow-ghlazed winter landscape or a brown oxford wingtip shoe with air vents. Keep 'em coming in '08.