Sunday, January 20, 2008

Looking for warm weather in all the wrong places

Looking for Warm Weather In All the Wrong Places
It may be great weather for the Packers in their conference championship game against the Giants later today (windchills of more than 20 degrees below zero are predicted), but it's awful weather for a cat. Indoors, the dryness makes his fur electric and sparky. Outdoors, the cold bites his nose, and he comes racing back into the house. So he sits in the window, looks at the sun and wonders why it isn't warmer.


Dr Diablo said...

Well, it wasn't such great weather for the Packers, unable to get their high-octane offense into gear in those Arctic conditions. I've never bought into the "frozen tundra" mystique and hd hoped they would clap a roof on "historic Lambeau" when they refurbished it. Why count on a force as fickle as weather to be your "12th man?"

The pick that sent the G-Men to the Super Bowl was vintage Favre, and a good example of why he is not the greatest of all time. Al Harris really got his lunch eaten by Plaxico Burress, showing the world why he and his hands-to-the-face style are overrated. The Packers had a great season, but they deserved to lose this one. In doing so, they have all but ensured a 19-0 finish for New England, who should beat the Giants by about a 50-point margin.

Nonanon said...

Nice kitty!

Sorry about the Packers, Madison Guy, although I'd have to say the commentary above is right on. They did not deserve to win, sadly; I still love Favre but as he goes, so goes the whole team, and it just didn't look like his heart was in it yesterday.

Madison Guy said...

Dr. Diablo is right about the frozen tundra mystique. They would have been better off if they had had to play in Dallas. Favre has been relatively immune to the ravages of age, but cold weather seems to test that immunity. Look at the Chicago game, and now, yesterday's game. I thought favre's heart was in it, but that hypothermia makes him regress to the playing style of his youth, forcing passes and single-handedly trying to make things happen -- so different from the disciplined style that the team rode to success much of this season. Sigh.

Dr Diablo said...

Nonanon, I agree that Favre looked plodding, but this was an artifact of the weather. You can't sling it around effectively under frigid conditions. It's hard to grip the ball; you end up with a wobbly spiral that makes a pass more likely to be slowed by the breeze or buffeted about. Favre was stuck with a limited batch of plays and, except for the flip to Driver that netted 90 yards, the Giants expected the short stuff and played it well.

You're right about Favre, MadGuy. We've been reading all year about the "new" Favre's more cautious style. However, I have heard stories of alkies who showed up drunk to collect their 20-year pins from AA; the risk of relapse is always there. In the same way, Favre can revert. They're always flashing graphics abut his career comebacks, but has anyone totaled up his carrer givebacks? I mean the number of times he has sealed an opposition victory with an ill-advised toss into quintiple coverage. I hope he plays five more years, but he will never inspire Unitas-style confidence that the man at the helm is in control of the game and himself.

Got to give Tynes his due. The erratic Scotsman, whose career is in perpetual jeopardy, managed to boot it 47 yards under awful conditions. It was like kicking a pumpkin 50 yards.

The Giants' cautious, no-mistakes style will likely not be enough to stop the Pats. Under the friendly Arizona sun, NE should be able to put up 50 before Belichick sends in his subs--late in the first half.