Friday, January 18, 2008

TGIF Presidential Countdown: Just 368 days and finally our long national nightmare will be over

At noon on January 20, 2009, George W. Bush will leave office, and our long national nightmare will be over, or at least the country will be able to start waking up. No longer will we have a president who sees every economic downturn as a cloud with a silver lining -- an opportunity to once again sell a tax cut for the rich as part of an economic stimulus package.
The president called again for Congress to make permanent the tax cuts that were enacted several years ago and are to expire in the next three years. Otherwise, he said, there will be such uncertainty that jobs and economic growth will be jeopardized.
Or an opportunity to play another cynical political shell game.
Call me cynical, but I'll be very surprised if the White House doesn't spend a few days telling the country everyone's gonna get an $800 check and then demand some bullshit in the bill which the Dems, frightened, will cave on...
NOTE: This will be a regular Friday feature, counting down the days left until the day when George Bush leaves office, which can't come too soon.


Nonanon said...

Oh my god,
Suffice to say I just reviewed a bunch of business books for a magazine and, after reading them, I can pretty confidently say that tax cuts and worthless rebate checks are not going to help anything. But if you're the dumbest man in the world who was born on third base and thinks you hit a triple, and has plenty of family money to fall back on, well, why the hell not?

thanks for the countdown. It'll be too late but it'll be a relief when the nightmare's over all the same.

Anonymous said...

The nightmare will never be over - it will only get worse until or unless we vote in someone like Ron Paul...we'll get a new master (maybe, I remember the last time we got a check in the mail from the Guv...then BOOM - 9/11, begin operation war on everyone who could possibly stop us from global domination, starting with the people at home - and some people think 911 was not an inside job...RUFKM?...can anyone see another "candy" handout then a stab in the back such as another "terrist" attack, then martial law? ) but this country will die HARD. Ron Paul only comes around once every now and then...this is prolly the last possible chance to save the US...but it won't be easy.
Think about that when you say, "I would never vote RON PAUL!, because WHATEVER!