Thursday, January 17, 2008

When Brett Favre takes the field Sunday, his favorite weather deserves its own green and gold spelling

#4 Spelling Correction
On the photo sharing site Flickr, the word "Fave" is used as shorthand for the word "favorite," used as both a noun and a verb. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, they spell it with an "r" and pronounce it "Farve." Sunday night will truly be Favre Weather. The 38-year-old QB will take to the frozen tundra in his favorite weather -- subzero windchills are forecast for game time -- to lead his team against the NY Giants in the NFC conference championship.

The game takes place just forty years after the fabled "Ice Bowl" of Dec. 31, 1967, when Bart Starr led the Packers to the championship against the Dallas Cowboys, making his 1-yard dive across the goal line behind Jerry Kramer and Ken Bowman to win the game in the closing seconds. The "deja vu all over again" makes for a fitting climax to a magical season, one of Favre's best. Two years ago, lots of folks were saying Favre was too old and should retire. Back in September, the odds of Hillary Clinton returning to the White House were far better than the odds of Favre returning to the Super Bowl for his third appearance.

The oldest starting QB in the playoffs is now a 7-point favorite to win the game Sunday night, leading the youngest team. Next stop: the Super Bowl. And that's why, when we write favorite, we spell it Favre around here.

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