Monday, February 04, 2008

Bush submits budget to Congress that's so radioactive it glows in the dark

George Bush submitted his final budget to Congress, and as he demonstrated in a Cabinet meeting, it's so radioactive it glows in the dark. The frightening illumination was emitted by a $3.1-trillion toxic waste dump of record military spending, an inadequate and misguided stimulus program, massive cuts in programs for the poor and elderly, and skyrocketing deficits for years to come. Glowing like H. P. Lovecraft's "The Color from Outer Space," the budget's unearthly aura seemed to spook Congress, which is unlikely to go anywhere near it. Maybe they'll wrap it in lead and bury it six feet underground.

Bush scarcely seemed to notice. He was too busy repositioning himself as a tree-hugger.
"I submitted the budget today to Congress -- it's on a laptop notebook, an e-budget. It saves paper, saves trees, saves money. I think it's the first budget submitted electronically. And it's a good budget."
Sure it is. It's as good a budget as Bush is an environmentalist.

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