Saturday, February 23, 2008

The City of Madison's Near West Side is one of those damn hunting-free zones

The City of Madison's Near West Side Is a Hunting-Free Zone
Soon, law-abiding sportsmen won't be able to hunt anywhere, and when that happens, we will lose the proud heritage that made America great. Madison is a gun-lover's hell -- and this is just one more restriction of gun owner's rights by those anti-gun West Side liberals. They hate hunting and want to pry the last gun from the last cold dead hand of the the last law-abiding gun owner. It really sucks. Haven't they heard of the 2nd Amendment? (Photographed on upper Gregory Street, Madison, WI.)


Locked and Loaded said...

MadGuy, I seeth as I contemplate this photo. However, the issue goes far beyond the abridgement of our 2nd amendment right to hunt in residential areas.

Just this week, the guy ahead of me in the Sentry Express Lane decided to write a check for his litre of Pepsi when his credit card payment was rejected. Why did he have the gall to do this, unperturbed as the clock ticked and the line behind me grew longer? Because he knew none of us were packing heat.

We read daily about senseless gun violence in schools, churches, and malls that occur because the assailants know that pupils, parishioners, and shoppers study, worship, and shop unarmed. However, in addition to these rare occurrences, we endure daily incivilities like customers who don't have 10 items or fewer, drivers who go 35mph in the passing lane, and officious clerks who cut off liquor sales at 8:59pm instead of 9pm. All of this happens because there aren't enough guns.

When will people wake up? A society armed to the teeth will be not only a safer one but a far more civil one. If you could exercise your constitutional right to own an AK-47, you wouldn't have to whine about alternate side parking anymore; the plows would skip your street.

Madison Guy said...

Locked and Loaded, I thank you. As always I appreciate your keen insight and understanding, your fundamentally sound undestanding of constitutional principles, and your ongoing commitment to the Hobbesian struggle of all against all. More guns = more civility -- I couldn't have said it better myself.