Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Note to MoDo: It's the war, stupid.

Listening to the CNN feed of Barack Obama speaking last night in Madison to the largest crowd ever to attend a primary event here, I was poignantly reminded of the miscalculations Hillary Clinton made regarding the war. She thought it would go away as an issue, and she thought that as a woman she had to prove that she was tough. But it hasn't gone away, and on the stage at the Kohl Center last night, Obama wasn't trying to prove he was tough. He was proving he was right on the war and McCain is wrong. His momentum keeps building, and it's likely to carry him to presidency.

In her NYT column today, Maureen Dowd reduces the race between Obama and Clinton to race and gender.
We’re not just in the most vertiginous election of our lives. We’re in another national seminar on gender and race that is teaching us about who we are as we figure out what we want America to be.

It’s not yet clear which prejudice will infect the presidential contest more — misogyny or racism.
By her reductionist framing of the campaign, MoDo diminishes and demeans both candidates by treating them as familiar stereotypes (and once again gives herself license to pass on yet another bad white bitch joke about Hillary). And she totally ignores the most important fact about this campaign: The public is sick to death of this unpopular and unjust war that has dragged on far too long. And they're sick of supporting politicians who helped make it possible. It's the war, stupid.


George H. said...

Totally 100 percent agree

Anonymous said...

I've mostly given up on reading Maureen Dowd's column (though sometimes I can't help myself, in the same way I can never stop clawing mosquito bites in the summer). Her writing is infected with its own (perceived) cleverness and wordplay; for her, nothing really affects anybody -- it's just fodder for another quip.