Thursday, February 28, 2008

Only sane person in Madison?

Only Sane Person in Madison?
You kind of wonder about this solitary skier on Lake Wingra. Is he the only sane person in Madison? One thing that makes Mad City mad is the bizarre delusion shared by most residents that wheels are the preferred mode of transportation in a winter that has seen more than 80 inches of snowfall.

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Nonanon said...

Unfortunately, Madison Guy, that's the way Madison has set itself up. It's getting increasingly difficult to shop near your own house--I try to shop at my local hardware stores, groceries, pharmacy, etc., anything I can walk to from my house--but there's only so much one little lone person who hates shopping anyway can do. Kinda forces you to have a car, even if you don't particularly want one, when every supermarket and most other stores are miles away in huge shopping complexes. Ditto for work. I've set it up so I don't have very far to go but how many people are that lucky?

I say it's a shame that gas wasn't $4 a gallon years ago. It might--just might--have forced some urban planning changes. As it is I think Madison's seen its glory days as a livable small-ish city with some big-city charm. On to the suburban sprawl that looks like every other urban area in the US!