Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pack of winter-crazed Madisonians seek redress, wielding their snowblowers

Part of Pat Schneider's story in today's TCT about the toll this winter is taking on city streets workers almost read like the script of an old vampire movie, except that the pursuing mob wasn't made up of backward villagers but 21st century Madison urbanites, and they were wielding snowblowers instead of rakes and pitchforks.
Take Carrie Riddle. Not only has Riddle, a city of Madison snowplow driver, worked every overtime shift offered since December, she was accosted by a pack of angry homeowners near East High School. Wielding snowblowers, they were determined to keep her from leaving the dreaded plow debris -- chunks of snow, boulders of ice -- at the end of their driveways.

"There were six of them" who were blowing snow on the truck, Riddle recalled Friday before starting on her shift behind the wheel from the east side city garage on Sycamore Avenue. "I swear if the doors weren't locked they would have pulled me out."
One more example of the how tempers are fraying and snapping under the steady accumulation of the ever-deepening, record-setting snow.

The article also offered a useful tip from another city snowplow driver: If drivers have worn icy ruts in the center of your street, don't drive in the slippery ruts. There's sand in the snow on both sides. Drive in the snow, and you'll not only get better traction, but you'll help spread the sand around.

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