Saturday, March 08, 2008

Alien abductions happen!

The craft moves relentlessly through the Florida night, and suddenly you are blinded by a light brighter than any you have ever known. You are seized and taken aboard. Your mouth is bound, and you cannot open it. Alien hands seize your body. You are pinned, prodded and poked, in the most intimate pars of your body. Measurements are taken in procedures that are not physically invasive, but which feel invasive, for an alien science you do not understand, and you hear muffled voice that make no sense. Then, as suddenly as you are seized, you are ejected from the craft, tossed back into the Florida night, splashing into the cool dark wetness of the lake where you were abducted. You will try to forget that it ever happened, but you'll spend the rest of your life feeling an obscure dread whenever something resembling that craft or that strange light appears.

Alien abductions happen. They happen to alligators in Florida. They're briefly captured from airboats in Florida waterways, their penis size and other vital measurements taken before they are returned to the water by researchers at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I heard Prof. Louis Gillette talking about his research on The People's Pharmacy this afternoon. They're researching the impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals released into the environment in ever greater concentrations, chemicals with the potential to affect our reproductive systems. You can read about his research here, or download a podcast of the show where he talks about his research here. The implications for the human environment are frightening.

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