Monday, March 03, 2008

Another angle on that Vilas Park Deathrap

Vilas park Deathtrap: The Situation in a Nutshell
This gives a better overview of the Vilas Park stone bridge deathtrap than my last post. It's also a better view than you get in the summer, when the trees block the view of Edgewood Avenue, which drops precipitously down toward the bridge -- which is why some drivers enter the bridge after a couple of turns, just slightly out of control, with a tendency to veer toward the bike and pedestrian path on their left, which is flush with the roadway and only marked by a yellow line. Again, no problem in the winter, especially this morning, when cars were inching down the icy slope at about 3 mph, and there were few pedestrians and even fewer bikes. But wait till summer . . .

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