Friday, March 14, 2008

Floating village on a melting Lake Monona

Small Village on a Melting Lake

Peter Patau Photo

Some of us will never understand the appeal of sitting for hours staring into a hole cut into the ice of a Madison lake, but for devotees of ice fishing, it's an addiction that's hard to break when warm weather comes. This photo, taken from Olin Park yesterday, may be a bit misleading -- what looks like open water is just a thin layer of meltwater coating the surface of the ice. But all too soon there will be real open water, and some will continue to test the limits. Inevitably, a few will get soaked.

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Dr Bud Diablo said...

The only thing I'll miss about Wisconsin's brutal winter is your pics of it. As a photog, it seems like the colder you are, the hotter you are. This one's another poster for the Letter From Here gift shop.

You didn't say that the treacherous footing reminded you of the thin ice upon which the Democratic candidates are treading, but I know you were thinking it. And you know, the shanties remind me of what Bush has reduced our once-stately White House to, figuratively speaking. Shoot, now you've got me doing it.