Friday, March 21, 2008

Madison's Good Friday blizzard

Spring Snow in Vilas Park: Runners
Seems like a bit of a bait-and-switch operation after yesterday's gorgeous, sunny weather on the first day of spring (here's hoping my caterpillar buddy found a good place to take shelter). Today, Madison's record snowfall accumulation for the winter is rapidly closing in on the 100-inch mark (though I'm not sure it gets counted since, technically speaking, it's not winter anymore). The spring snow certainly was beautiful -- as long as you didn't have to go anyplace in your car. Driving was hazardous, with numerous accidents and slideoffs. These runners in Vilas park probably had the right idea.


cathy said...

All the snow we get through June 30th counts towards this winter's total. Anything after that will go towards next winter.

Wren said...

And how is good Saturday? ;o)
The idea of having a nice jog in the snow makes me smile, but in reality I'd be in trouble. As much as I enjoy the little we get here in my hometown, I'm not used to it, and if I go out walking while it's snowing, the constant movement of the snowflakes makes me dizzy. Running in it would be, for me, a bit dangerous...
At any rate, at least spring is here, Guy. Soon all that snow and ice is going to melt away and you'll be warm until late next fall. Nice, eh?