Thursday, March 20, 2008

The most predictable headline on earth

Did anyone ever think that all the hue and cry for the Clintons to release their records would lead to anything but this? That there would be any purpose served except to feed this sort of media frenzy? It was totally predictable that, as soon as the documents became available, media bigfoots like "Brian Ross and the ABC Investigative Unit" would sprint over to their trusty old dog-eared copy of the Starr Report and gleefully start cross checking dates. It must have seemed like old times, back when they could let Ken Starr do all their work for them. Nearly seven years after the Clintons left the White House, the media still treat their marriage like an open book -- and the gift that keeps on giving. The same sort of thing is bound to happen with their tax returns.

By ceaselessly repeating the Republican meme that the Clintons must have something to hide because they’re so obviously sleazy, the Obama campaign wasn’t just hurting Hillary Clinton, they were damaging all Democrats, and they should have known better. It’s not as if the same tactics aren’t starting to be used against Obama. The more of this reflexive Democrat bashing the media gets away with, the more they are encouraged to continue. Unless we want the road to a McCain presidency to be paved with media gotchas, we need to fight back. Susie Madrak has some good ideas.

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Dr Bud Diablo said...

What a gold mine this scheduling data is. I have designed software which will model "BJ" and Hillary's behavior, pinpointing the wronged spouse's location and movements throughout each Lewinsky encounter.

Wowsers! My model concludes that Hillary was ON THE SCENE of at least one encounter! Is that twisted or what? Of course, her spectator status is a basic assumption of my model, so I suppose its conclusion is no great surprise. However, I am now running some simulations with that model removed, and if I can still draw the kinky conclusion, well...wowsers! Voyeuristic surfers will descend upon this site packs of ravenous reporters pouncing on a candidate verbal gaffe. And I'm at work on some accompanying graphics that will offer viewers a virtual front row seat!