Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pausing for a moment of pastel tranquility in the heart of Madison's morning rush hour

Morning Light

Peter Patau Photo

Madison's South Park Street is a typically cluttered urban thoroughfare -- a hodgepodge of body shops, beauty parlors, restaurants, bars, gas stations, carwashes and miscellaneous small businesses. I drive to work that way every morning and usually don't even take my eye off traffic long enough to really look at my surroundings. But when I got to the corner of Park and Fish Hatchery the other morning, I happened to look to the left down Parr Street, toward the lake. I was staring at a pastel epiphany that could have come straight from an Old Dutch landscape painting.

The sun was blocked by clouds, tinting everything with an otherworldly pastel morning light. The line of trees on John Nolen Drivey behind the rippling puddles on the ice of Brittingham Bay could as well have been lining a dike in Holland. It was too late to turn left on Parr, but I circled back to the lake as quickly as I could, hoping the light would hold until I got there with my camera. It did -- providing this strangely tranquil vision of natural beauty in the heart of a city preoccupied with getting to work.


cathy said...

Where is the Letters From Here giftshop of which Dr Diablo writes? Have you considered Red Bubble?

Dougie said...

Great shot. My new desktop background.

Dr Bud Diablo said...

Thanks to you, I now see everything as a political metaphor. To me, this shot represents our submerged economy, sent to the sea bottom by the knave Bush and the moneyed interests whose Charlie McCarthy he is. It kind of spoils the picture for me.

Nice shot, though, and you will note that other voices have joined my plea for an Online Emporium where Letter From Here poster art and other gear can be purchased. You could sell discounted Althouse and Soglin paraphernalia as well--a sneaky way to draw their fans to your site.

Nonanon said...

Oh, very nice. I used to live in that area and walk down there a lot and saw a lot of pretty mornings and days. Very tranquil, even if it's only steps off a very busy urban thoroughfare. Thanks for the great memories.