Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Portrait of a Perfectly Perplexed Pundit

Portrait of a Perfectly Perplexed Pundit
"Huh?" Translation: What do you mean, she won? How can that be? You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. We told her to fold 'em. She had no momentum. Besides, other men, not me of course, are too misogynistic to elect a woman president. For the good of the party, she should call it quits.

Novel idea: Wouldn't it be great if the pundits let the voters decide?


Nonanon said...

Hi, Madison Guy!
Your comments about the media are, of course, right on. I have no quibble with you there.
But in other posts you seem to be decidedly not in favor of continuing the debacle in Iraq, which Clinton supported. Frankly, I'm not really very invested in Clinton or Obama, but putting aside the chance at a woman president, does her pro-war record bother you at all?

dougie said...

Great screen grab. I would love to see them stunned into stupid silence more often.

Anonymous said...

Love the screen grab, too. I laughed out loud when I saw Russert's priceless expression. I voted for Obama, but I agree with your analysis here (and -- no offense -- I'm glad to see you've moved on from your weather & roads obsession). Political Madison Guy is more fun than Weather Madison Guy.

Madison Guy said...

Nonanon, point taken -- and I hated her voting for the authorization in 2002, though the political reasons are obvious and have been much discussed. I always thought that if she, Colin Powell, and a few other good people had thrown their lot in with the opponents of the war and the people in the street, they could have stopped the damn thing before it started.

But that would have been in the alternative universe in which I would like to live, but don't. In that same universe Bill Clinton would have said executing a mentally retarded man was barbaric, instead of throwing the switch. But I voted for Bill and I'll vote for Hillary (or Obama) in an instant -- without any illusions that U.S. foreign policy will instantly become all sweetness and light. It won't.

But think of the alternative. A third Bush administration with John McCain as keeper of the flame would be a disaster from which we would probably never recover.

Madison Guy said...

Thanks anonymous. I actually prefer writing to photography, which is sort of an escape. Pointing a camera is also a lot easier than writing when you're feeling brain-dead and lethargic. But now that we're about to set our clocks ahead and the sun is coming back, the Political Madison Guy cape is gonna get dry-cleaned and then will be worn more often.

Dr Bud "Unsafe at Any Speed" Diablo said...

MadGuy, don't let these people sweet-talk you into abandoning Traffic Activism for political commentary. I believe--although I cannot yet prove--that some of those urging otherwise are in fact "moles" from the Madison Streets Dept who have felt the tip of your lash. Commentary on national politics could hardly be termed a niche; your tail-gating of the idlers of our local Streets Dept most certainly is. By the way, Monona Drive, pitted and pocked as the lunar surface, is primarily the County's responsibility, so let's start pulling them over too.

I'm no great fan of either Clinton or Obama, but I wish they could keep slugging it out right into the convention. It's good for the country. The Republican nomination is sewed up, so their campaign and convention will be nothing but hokey shows of Unity, as scripted and choreographed as a production of "A Chorus Line." Because of the give and take, we have a better idea of who these people are and what they think.

Nonanon said...

When we voted in the primaries we overheard some, I'm assuming, conservative voters, discussing how they were going to vote for Hillary because they couldn't wait for McCain to destroy her. You don't think her ability to make people really, really dislike her might make her an easier target for McCain?

And I'm with Dr. Bud--I love the streets journalism. It's not like our Wisconsin State Journal is covering any local stories, so I appreciate it on your site.

ellroon said...

Novel idea: Wouldn't it be great if the pundits let the voters decide?

But ... then they'd have nothing to talk about for six hours straight....

Madison Guy said...

Nonanon, the conventional wisdom (though not most of the polls) gives McCain advantages over both Dems. Yes, with Hillary there's the likeability factor, or whatever you want to call it, Clinton fatigue, etc.. But if Hillary has seemed to be mean about Obama's lack of experience, just wait till McCain and the entire Republican attack machinery takes on Obama's experience issue. While McCain takes the high road mostly, the anonymous slimeballs will portray him as a Muslim terrorist dupe with all the qualifications for Commander in Chief of a PTA president.

In reality, I think the conventional wisdom is wrong. Either Dem will demolish McCain this fall. He's going to self-destruct. He'll come off as an old, out of touch warmonger who really doesn't know anything else at a time when our nation faces incredible challenges.

And don't worry -- the fearless streets journalism will continue. I'll probably dial down the weather reports, though.

Dr Bud "Wide Load" Diablo said...

The Pillory Hillary movement will backfire. I normally can't stand the ambitious ideologue, but even I have felt a stab of sympathy for her when the journalists have it her. They can't make her cry and wonder aloud if she's too machinelike for the job; they make her cry and suggest that she's too emotional for the job. "Fair comments" are the nails with which are candidates are crucified.

The problem is that there are more reporters than stories, so stories are invented. Journalists hover over candidacies like buzzards. waiting to pounce on a "gaffe," emotional display, long-ago sexual indiscretion, or inconsistency between what the politician said yesterday and what he said 30 years ago at a Rotary Club luncheon. They trump up their findings and then proceed to report on how the candidate handles the "crisis" they have manufactured.

Is Hillary likeable? I don't know if even Bill has claimed that. However, the way the press goes after does more to render her sympathetic than anything she could do herself. The working press is liberal, to be sure, but they don't care about your views when they sniff blood. Remember how they went after Carter for his use of the infelicitous phrase "ethnic purity?" You'd have thought he was proposing a Fourth Reich, and all the poor guy meant was that he would like to see the distinctive character of some ethnic neighborhoods preserved.

They've been after Chelsea Clinton a little bit lately. When she has a baby, the press will go after the infant.