Friday, March 07, 2008

What George Bush and John McCain said on their way down to the bunker to meet with Dick Cheney

This is what I dreamed: After Bush and McCain met with reporters at the White House to discuss Bush's endorsement Wednesday, the two men headed for the secret passage to the secret bunker to meet with our secretive vice president. On the way down to the bunker, they discussed an important matter.
Bush: Heckuva job, John Boy. It's gonna be a great campaign. Just one little formality left. We have to talk to Cheney . . .
McCain: I look forward to it, Mr. President. Dick Cheney is a great American.
Bush: You got it. Before we meet him, though, there's something I need to tell you, hope you'll unnerstand.
McCain: Fire away, Mr. President.
Bush: Well, um, the thing is -- we want Dick to stay on as vice president to lead the war on terror. He's really into this bunker thing, ya know?. He really digs it.
McCain: Whatever you say, Mr. President. Makes sense -- you don't change horses in midstream at the outset of a 100 year war. Besides, I could use a younger, experienced man on the ticket -- what if something happened to me?
Bush: Yeah, you never know. That's it, then. Eight more years!
McCain: Eight more years, Mr. President.
Bush: We'll take care of that little election thing later.
McCain: Thank you, Mr. President. Whatever it takes -- you guys know how to get these things done. I appreciate it.


Brian said...

That actually sent a chill down my spine.

Mr. Natural said...

I followed you over here from C&L - DAMN that's so scary it could really happen! FUCK ME!

commander other said...

great. i don't think i'm getting any sleep tonight. thanks!

not that i've been sleeping well for the past eight years, anyway....