Thursday, April 03, 2008

I thought the new Clinton mashup was hilarious

I saw the new Hillary mashup on the Today show this morning. I thought it was hilarious. You know, the one that parodies the famous 3:00 a.m. ringing phone spot, except that this time there's a worried looking family on the other end, clearly about to be evicted from their foreclosed home. There's also an older dude, going over papers, probably about to file bankruptcy. But Hillary is right there , looking cool and poised and answering the red phone at 3:00 a.m. She'll deal with it.

My only quibble was that it left too much to the imagination. It could have used some words for Hillary when she gets on the phone. Something like this:
Stay calm, and above all, don't leave your house! We have everything under control. Federal agents are securing the perimeter at this moment. We have a jet standing by at Andrews and our crisis team will take off in ten minutes -- a mortgage banker with new loan documents, an attorney with a briefcase full of injunctions and a federal judge to approve them, as well as an accountant and a financial planner to help you get your books in order. We'll have you out of this situation before the sun rises. What? . . . Oh, no it's nothing. I was already up. A president has to answer a lot of phone calls at 3:00. It goes with the turf.
But even without the words, it was a work of pure comic genius. Here, I'll just check online to see who did it. Oh, never mind. It's real.

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sssssssssstu said...

She sleeps in a suit in case of just such an emergency :)