Sunday, April 20, 2008

Loons and turtles and cranes, oh my -- a glorious day for biking in Madison Sunday, April 20

Perfect Day for Biking in Madison
Sunday was glorious biking weather in Madison -- sunny, with mild breezes and temperatures in the lower seventies. The Madison skyline floated above Lake Monona like a dream.

There were a couple of loons in Lake Monona, conducting their diving exercises in full view of the Capitol. (Click through the photo to view large in Flickr, if you want to actually see the loons.)

Every spring turtles come out to sun on this log in Wingra Creek near Fish Hatchery Road, but this year the water level is so high most of the log is submerged. There was just enough space for these two to perch and do their sunbathing thing. As we rode by on our bikes we also heard the strange, primeval cry of cranes in the Arboretum, but we couldn't see them. But it was as if all of nature was celebrating the arrival of spring along with us -- finally, after such a long winter.

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