Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Um, Senator McCain, when did you last leave the campaign trail long enough to actually drive a car?

Since your wife is worth over $100 million, give or take a few million, and since you move through life in a cocooned campaign bubble of chartered jets and motorcades, you probably don't spend much time behind the wheel of a car, I'm guessing. The rest of us do. It's how we get to work, how we do our shopping, and occasionally, take a little vacation. I read in the paper that, at a time our economy seems to be entering a recession at the least and a total systemic meltdown at the worst, at a time our infrastructure is crumbling, especially the roads, you think we can get a grip on our economic woes by repealing the gas tax. Before you go ahead and starve the Highway Trust Fund of money this summer, I'd like to invite you to rent a car and drive it around the streets of my hometown for an hour or so. I'd be curious to see if you still want to repeal the gas tax. Most of us don't. Really.

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