Thursday, May 29, 2008

If Hillary was dreaming of an assassination the night I saw her in Madison, she sure didn't show it

Hillary Clinton Speaking in Madison on the Eve of the Wisconsin Primary
Instead, Hillary Clinton spoke emotionally about her passionate commitment to health care reform, economic and social justice and ending the Iraq war.

We were among the several thousand people who showed up on a cold winter night at the Monona Terrace Convention Center to see her. She was already an underdog by then, and the polls were predicting she would lose the Wisconsin primary the next day. But for the moment, as this dreadful winter continued its onslaught outside, supporters warmed themselves at her fire and dreamed the dream. It's all been downhill since then.

I can't think of a politician, let alone presidential candidate, who has been assaulted by as much hate-filled venom, paranoid projection and crazy innuendo as this dedicated public servant has experienced in the months since then. Many of us tend to underestimate just what she has gone through because it's just too unpleasant to think about, and most of us don't want to wallow in it.

For example, I had totally forgotten about this low point in the history of television news, this shameful Brian Ross report on ABC about the release of the Clinton White House records back in March. It was an opportunity to revisit the Starr Report, and Ross made the most of it. Here's the lead.
Hillary Clinton spent the night in the White House on the day her husband had oral sex with Monica Lewinsky, and may have actually been in the White House when it happened, according to records of her schedule released today by the National Archives.
I'm just surprised that he didn't hint she was having lesbian sex at the same time. Or to remind us that some people think she also had a heterosexual affair with White House counsel Vince Foster and had him murdered to cover it up.

It used to be the far right and their willing dupes in the media who served up this kind of stuff. Now, formerly sensible Democrats are pontificating angrily that her few ill-chosen words about Bobby Kennedy's assassination showed her to be a murderer at heart. If this wasn't a coded message, if Hillary Clinton wasn't secretly hoping for Obama to be assassinated, if that wasn't the sordid heart of her strategy of hanging on till the bitter end, then why did she say it?

How weird is this? Here we are, in the sixth year of a cruel and pointless war that looks as if it will go on forever. We were lied into the war by men, the war was started by men, bungled by men -- and now the guys can't agree on how to stop it. So who is accused of harboring dreams of violence? A woman who wants to end it. And she, of all people, is the person accused of hoping to benefit from somebody else's violent death? Go figure.


dougie said...

I don't really think Hillary was spoiling for an assassination, but it strains credulity for you to lament this interpretation when she has spent 2008 steadily selling her benefit-of-the-doubt down the river. I won't spend time enumerating the instances of her lack of principle in this campaign, but I think it bears mention in relation to how people are interpreting her remarks. (And although it goes without saying, I want to be clear that I agree that her treatment by the media has been unfair and at times disgustingly shameful.)

Forward Our Motto said...

The 6th year of a war that she voted for! Tsk. Maybe if she had marched along with myself and all the many others, the world would be in better shape now.