Friday, May 30, 2008

Madison photographers: Please take your filthy habit outside with all the other scum

Photographers: Please Stay Outside with All the Other Scum
This little sign caught my eye on the back door of Macy's at Hilldale Mall in Madison. Wow. Talk about second-class status. It can't get worse than being lumped in with smokers and solicitors.

Don't recall seeing a sign like this on a store before. A museum? Sure. But a retail establishment? Come on. What are they protecting? Their intellectual property rights to their inventory? More likely, I suppose it's somebody in the legal department saying we need a sign like this to limit our liability in case someone violates someone's privacy with one of those unobtrusive little cell phone cameras. One more example of the continuing intrusion of offensive and intrusive legalisms into our everyday lives. Do they really have to put up signs? And if so, do they really have to compare photographers to smokers? I felt violated. So I took a photo. Come and get me, Macy's!


"Diamond Bud" Diablo said...

MadGuy, this has nothing to do with photography, but it is what God has laid upon my heart this afternoon.

You are not going to displace Ann Altenbach, or whatever her name is, as Madison's premier blogger by leaping upon every passing bandwagon and parroting the prevailing cant. I refer, of course, to the current oil mania and the lending of your voice to the chorus crying that $200 oil is imminent.

An internet article I happened upon confirms what I have suspected. Institutions, such as endowment funds, have begun to pour money into the commodities market in the hopes of making some of that Fast Money. It is the increase in non-oil-using investors that has jacked up the price--not Bush and his minions, not diminishing supply, not even the nefarious OPEC.

The futures market can break your heart in a hurry. The government took the unusual step this week of publicizing its ongoing investigation into the manipulation of oil prices, so you know the greediest of operators are already inching toward the exits. Look out below!

You have almost become the ultimate contrary indicator, and I hope to profit from that before it becomes widely known. Every time you post your Schrute buck photo, the dollar rallies and firms. I hope a few of your readers are shrewd and courageous enough to short oil before its market plummets, just as the, uranium, and housing markets did.

Now, the worst-performing asset of the commodity mania has been diamonds, with a negative return. This week, I read that the diamond market was bad and was likely to stay so FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE! As soon as I finished the article, I clicked directly over to my brokerage account and bought Mountain Province Diamonds (MDM on the AMEX). Won't you join me?

The Laundress said...

Hi Madison Guy,

(by golly, Diamond Bud has baffled me... lets just pretend my comment is not following his 'cuz I don't have any scope!)

No smoking, photography, soliciting? Hey, at least they kept it SHORT. I work in a local strip mall, with multiple prominent signs forbidding all of the above plus no skateboarding, roller blading nor playing with balls. Out loud: no fun allowed. Weird. It really would be simpler if they just posted what was permissible...

Wish they would ban fighting with boyfriends about Chinese carryout on cellphones.


CitizenReader said...

Call me cantankerous, but I'd be just as happy if they banned cell phones. Full stop. Unless you can prove you're using it for an emergency, like you're standing next to a broken-down car or something. Arguing with boyfriends does not count as an emergency.

Emily said...

Letter from Here: come for the photo blogs, stay for the random stock tips.

Anonymous said...

Sign doesn't surprise me. My first visit to Macys Hilldale will be my last - it was the most unpleasant shopping experience, very intimidating and uncomfortable. Any time I handled a piece of merchandise, there were 3 associates right there in my face, like vultures in for the kill. I learned to just walk through the store, touch nothing, and make eye contact with no one. And then get the H out!