Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day at Trader Joe's in Madison

Mother's Day at Trader Joe's
The entire westside of Madison seemed to be in Trader Joe's Sunday morning. Whole families of overscheduled westsiders, caught by surprise by the holiday, seemed to flock to the store with Mom in tow for a one-stop shopping experience -- flowers, food and beverages for Mom, lured by the nice selection of flowers at a good price.


JSE said...

Well, I was there! Kid in tow, mom not. The zoo, on the other hand, was emptier than I've ever seen it, including a day in March when all the paths were icesheets.

Trader Joe's, Your Mother's Day Headquarters said...

Is this a paid promo? If so, I'm glad you're generating some revenue; if not, I'm glad your integrity has not been compromised.