Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Reinforcing gender stereotypes in Madison

These gendered Badgers are at Genin's Mobil-Hilldale on University Avenue. In the heart of Buckyland, Bucky is the one carrying the ball, while Becky is the one cheerleading. Sure, it's supposed to be cute and funny -- and if Bucky is equated with the University of Wisconsin football team, it's accurate enough. But is Bucky really a one-sport mascot? Doesn't Bucky represent all Wisconsin sports, and in a broader sense, the University as a whole? Seems like an odd message. How do these gender stereotypes fit in with the University of Wisconsin's stringent Bucky Badger licensing rules and regulations? Is there a compliance issue here?


Dr Bud Diablo said...

You seem to be lobbying for identical graphics, one on each door. However, you are also advocating for co-ed bathrooms, an idea whose time, in my opinion, has not yet come. I suppose gas stations could bring back attendants--not, this time around, to shine your windshield, but to route restroom traffic.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Blatant licensing violation. I suggest the Genins duck and cover.