Monday, May 26, 2008

Veggie alternatives at Brat Fest weekend

World's Largest Brat Fest and Its Associated Bicycle Parking Lot
We bicycled out to the World's largest Brat Fest Sunday. The bicycle parking area seemed to be filled with a lot of bikes until you actually counted them and compared the number with the thousands of people congregating on Willow Island and the acres of cars parked in the Alliant Energy Center parking lot.

Vegetarian alternatives have become more mainstream at Brat Fest since the event moved to Willow island from the Sentry Foods parking lot at Hilldale a few years back. Boca soy brats were served at their own tent in recent years. This year the Boca brat went mainstream and was part of the menu at the main tent. Update: The veggie brats were also instrumental in breaking the 2004 record and setting a new record of 191,712 for the 4-day event, since veggie brats weren't served at the 2004 event that set the old record of 189,432 brats.)

World's Largest Veggie BratfestPeople who wanted to avoid the meat eating crowd altogether could go to the World's Largest Veggie Bratfest, which was held at Madison's Whole Foods on University Avenue Saturday, sponsored by the Alliance for Animals. No animals were harmed in the making of these brats, and they were free. Educational materials about the horrors of modern industrial pig farming were also available.

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