Monday, June 09, 2008

Bailing out after the storm

We had more than four inches of rain in Madison Sunday, coming on top of a couple more the day before -- some of which ended up in our basement. But it could have been worse, and for a lot of folks it was -- especially to our west, north and east (maybe that magical phallic ornament aimed at the sky helped after all). Driving east of Madison this morning on Highway 12, there were lakes where I had never seen lakes before, where corn and soybean fields used to be. Coming into Cambridge, there was another one of those lakes between Cruisin' Fried Chicken and Subway. Local fire engines displayed their versatility by pumping water, not into the buildings but away from them, stretching their hoses up over a slight incline and pouring the surplus water into the storm sewers on the other side.


Dr "Blub" Diablo said...

The losses in this area are devastating. When Nature loses its temper, the results are awe-inspiring. One poor lady lost the ponies, goats, and other animals on her hobby farm when the pasture flooded. Lake Delton is gone, along with houses on the shoreline.

We haven't heard so much as a gurgle from you since you posted this photo. I hope you're not stranded on the roof of the Letter From Here Building without your laptop. If so, your hard-won leadership will be yet another casualty of these storms.

Dr Bud "dry as gypsum" Diablo said...

I meant "readership" above, not "leadership." I hope I didn't excite you unnecessarily. Althouse is still on top.

Madison Guy said...

Dr. Bud Dry as Gypsum Diablo, sorry -- I'm keeping "leadership." Should have used the preview function.