Monday, June 23, 2008

Madison flood gauge: East Washington Avenue Bridge over the Yahara River

East Washington Avenue Bridge over the Yahara River at Dawn
This photo of the East Washington Avenue Bridge resulted from this photographer, definitely not a morning person, making a rare early morning drive across town last fall. The picture is a kind of baseline for the recent flooding, which left the sidewalk/bike path several inches under water. You can see clearly how much the Yahara River had to rise to do that.

As a recent Isthmus article pointed out, it could have been a lot worse with just a bit more rain. The worst-case scenario was that Lake Mendota might have carved a new channel through Tenney Park, bypassing the Tenney Park locks. A good deal of Lake Mendota would then have flooded straight through Madison along the Yahara channel and caused major flooding along the downstream lakes, Monona, Waubesa and Kegonsa.

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