Saturday, June 07, 2008

Madison weather -- nothing but lightning bolts all week long, seven straight days

Storm Clouds Blanket the Madison Isthmus
The clouds and the light were so dramatic yesterday I had to drive over to Brittingham Bay and capture the moment. I've been shooting a lot of skies the last few days. It's because of the weird weather we've been having. The threat of rain and thunderstorms has been almost constant, punctuated only by sudden outbursts of sunshine -- sometimes the whole sky clearing temporarily, other times only a few rays of sunlight slanting under the clouds, like the glancing light turning the trees on the Madison isthmus such a bright, almost neon green.

Nothing But Lightning Bolts All Week LongCheck out those weather icons lined up at the bottom of the screenshot (click to enlarge) from yesterday's local weather report. I don't think I've ever seen seven lightning bolts in a row. Last winter's record snowfall seems to be turning into its summertime equivalent.

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