Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maybe this should be "Walk Up" instead

Perhaps This Needs to Be Rewritten
For all those people running on fumes because of high gas prices whose tanks ran dry a couple miles back.
Though national statistics on out-of-gas motorists don't exist, there's plenty of anecdotal evidence that drivers unwilling or unable to fill 'er up are gambling by keeping their tanks extremely low on fuel.

In the Philadelphia area, where the average price for a gallon of regular broke $4 on Friday, calls from out-of-gas AAA members doubled between May 2007 and May 2008, from 81 to 161, the auto club reported.

"The number one reason is they can't stretch their money out from week to week," said Gary Siley, a AAA mobile technician.

"Some of them are embarrassed. ... They say, 'I was trying to make it till Friday,' and they couldn't do it," said Siley, who has assisted numerous out-of-gas motorists.
High gas prices = increased cardiovascular fitness?


Dr Bud Diablo, tapioca tout said...

Relief is on its way to residents of the Cradle of Liberty , courtesy of their brethren at Letter From Here. You cannot have failed to note, MadMan, that your posts about burgeoning demand and dwindling supplies of commodities trigger downturns on international exchanges. After today, with oil down to $1.23, look for prices at the pump to drift downward. Actually, you have instigated a broad retreat in commodities.

The only foodstuff that has failed to run up is tapioca; it's price has actually fallen. Meanwhile, China is facing a tapioca shortage because it has diverted some "tap" to ethanol production. (Tapioca seems too gloppy for an efficient fuel, but what do I know?) Can you say "impending bull market?

We could invest in the Thailand Tapioca Trust and collect dividends while we await a price spike, or we could purchase shares of these securities only existed. Perhaps another reader can suggest a way to profit from this next boom.

Meanwhile, LFR readers should double their short positions in oil at $120. Those who bought Mountain Province Diamonds on our recommendation have seen their shares rise smartly. As the other reader aphoristically put it, "Come for the photos, stay for the recos."

Shiek Bud Diablo, Robber Baron said...

Since my above post, oil has skyrocket , threatening to shatter its all-time record. Those of you followed my recent recommendations are no doubt facing margin calls, and telling the kids it's going to be Baraboo's Circus World Museum this summer instead of Epcot Center.

Be of stout heart. Add to your short positions at every $5 move oil makes, up or down. This what the "big players" do. I assure that this massive price spike is a mere blip. Granted, it's a blob-sized blip, but it further greases the skids for the imminent slide.

Charles J Gervasi said...

I once went to the drive-through at McDonald's near Verona Rd and the Beltline on my bicycle on my way to work. They said I had to come inside. I asked if they could please take my order so I didn't have to take off all my layers. (It was January.) They agreed. Maybe this will be more common. Let's make them ride/walk/drive throughs.