Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sipping our Google cocktails at Sundance Cinemas while watching the Rhythm and Booms fireworks

Google Cocktails at Sundance
After watching the French thriller Roman de Gare at Sundance Cinemas last night, we went upstairs to the third-floor rooftop lounge for a nightcap. T asked if they served Campari. Reassured that they did, she ordered a Negroni and I said I'd have the same. When the waiter returned with our drinks, he said the bartender had consulted Google to make them (Campari, vermouth and gin). My first Google cocktail ever. Not bad.

Rhythm and Booms Fireworks Blooming Far Away in the NightRhythm and Booms, Madison's annual pre-4th of July music and fireworks extravaganza at Warner Park, was held last night. We had meant to have a quick drink and then drive over the to UW campus and watch from across Lake Mendota. Instead, we nursed our drinks and never left our Sundance Cinemas rooftop perch. The fireworks were visible in the distance, the people next to us had a radio tuned to the music (you can see the antenna sticking up above their table), and while some of the smaller displays were obscured by the tree line, the larger ones bloomed like distant flowers in the night. Quite magical. And we didn't have to fight traffic with 200,000 other people.


Joe Black said...

Is that you and your partner gazing placidly at the distant pyrotechnics? You're younger than I thought.

Still, the photo is unnervingly reminiscent of the final scene in "Meet Joe Black," when newspaper magnate Bill Parrish exits this life as the fireworks concluding his 65th birthday gala explode high overhead. Better to battle the traffic, mosquitoes, and drunken brawlers, MadGuy. Better to wade into life than to view it from somewhere near the exit.

Not that I did. I hate the concept of setting fireworks to music. It's like piping music into the Nicolet Forest to enhance the hiking experience (It'll happen). It's a gimmick designed solely to get you to tune to the sponsoring radio station. Of course, maybe next year you'll skip the visual spectacle and just listen to Rhythm-and-Booms on the radio. Happy Fourth!

Dr Bud "Pyro" Diablo said...

MadGuy, WITI, the Fox affiliate in Milwaukee, will be broadcasting the U.S. Bank fireworks live from the Lakefront at dusk on July 3. This dazzling display, the "Grandaddy" of Milwaukee area Independence Day sky shows, should be a thriller, and you can tape it and enjoy it again and again throughout the year--in HDTV and surround sound!. Hope you get a chance to pour a Campari and tune in.