Saturday, June 21, 2008

St. Raphael's Summer Solstice steeple scene

Summer Solstice Report on the State of the St. Raphael's Steeple
The slanting afternoon light poured gorgeously through the stained glass windows of the ruins of St. Raphael Cathedral yesterday, on the afternoon of the Solstice, but it was a melancholy scene nevertheless. The fire-damaged ruins of the once proud, historic cathedral have been decapitated, and are awaiting demolition. The base of the steeple cuts a surreal figure as it sits on the ground awaiting removal. The spire has been loaded onto a truck, looking more like one of those trailer-mounted missiles the Soviets used to drive through Red Square during their May Day parades than part of a sacred building. An earlier LFH post provided for more information and links about St. Raphael's -- and a photo of the cathedral with the steeple intact.

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