Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The awesome storm front that darkened Madison's skies early Monday evening

Storm Front Moving Across Madison Isthmus: John Nolen Dr.
A dramatic storm front raced across the Isthmus as I was driving home from work early last evening. I jumped out of the car and started photographing the dark, lurid cloud patterns. The wind was blowing so hard it was hard to hold the camera steady. This shot of the cloudbank moving rapidly across Lake Monona was taken in Brittingham Park, and I braced the camera against a tree. That's John Nolen Drive between the clouds and the lake.

Storm Front Moving Across Madison Isthmus: The BirdsThe birds were almost as dramatic as the clouds. When they front was just north of the city, the birds knew something was up. They exploded into the air just as the wind started to pick up. High above me they circled restlessly and called out to each other. Fortunately, the storm looked more dangerous than it was, at least in the Madison area. There was rain and quite a bit of lightning, but not much serious damage. (To get a better view of the birds, click through the photo to my Flickr photostream and then click on All Sizes.)


ann marie simard said...

I really loved that photo (yes, I am an ex-blogger too), waiting for storms to happen. Glad to be reading here too, bookmarked :)

The Laundress said...

Guy, you take absolutely gorgeous photos. Thanks for catching it and for sharing it, that one gave me shivers. I saw it but no camera-talents here.