Saturday, July 12, 2008

The awesome, multitalented Dobet Gnahoré rocks La Fête de Marquette

Dobet Gnahore at La Fete De Marquette
If you missed Dobet Gnahoré (pronounced DOH-bay gna-OR-ay) at La Fête de Marquette last night, clear your schedule for Sunday -- you can still catch this awesome performer and rising world music star from the Ivory Coast at the Chicago Folk & Roots Festival tomorrow, July 13.

When Dobet Gnahoré took the stage on a warm, moonlit summer night, it was clear this was going to be something incredible. Nearly two hours passed in no time at all, as she rocked the audience with songs in French and several African languages, sometimes playing a thumb piano, sometimes drumming, sometimes dancing with a shaker. Her voice was haunting and soulful, especially when the songs alluded to the violence that has torn her native ivory Coast and forced her to relocate in France, where she now lives. When she danced she was athletic, electric, acrobatic and sensual. I ran into the limits of still photography when I tried to capture her beauty in motion. There's no way a single image can begin to do justice to this incredible young singer, musician, percussionist and dancer who won a BBC World Music Award in 2006. This set on Flickr is my attempt to show some of the many sides of a great performer that a single photo can't begin to show.

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